Drug & Alcohol Policy

We work very hard at Vortex to provide you with a safe space to be able to enjoy the way that you want. We want you to be able to do things here that you can’t do elsewhere and give you the freedom to enjoy your kinks like the consenting adults that you are. In order to maintain this environment, there are some rules that must be followed.


Illegal substances are not permitted at Vortex events

This includes controlled substances without a proper prescription

Anyone suspected to be under the influence of illegal substances (this includes smelling of marijuana smoke) will be asked to leave immediately


You may not play while drunk

Our Dungeon Monitors will remove intoxicated players from the play area

Any intoxicated guests who display bad behavior and are disturbing the enjoyment of other guests may be asked to leave the venue entirely


Legal substances may only be consumed in approved areas

Smoking is only allowed outside in designated smoking areas

Food and open drink containers must remain in the lounge

Only capped drink containers, such as water bottles, are permitted in the play area