Play Party Rules

Dungeon Monitors (DMs) are here to ensure a safe environment for play, to react to any emergencies, and to assist people who feel uncomfortable with the attentions of others. DMs will be wearing an identifying badge so as to be easily spotted if you need assistance. DMs, at all times, reserve the right to end a scene, or to ask someone to leave the dungeon or modify safety techniques.

We will also have a Dungeon Educator available during play parties to help you with any questions you may have related to play. They can assist or advise in the technical aspects of scene set-up, demonstrate techniques, and explain the use of any toys available in the Community Toy Bag. They are experienced Dominants and submissives so please do not hesitate to approach them if you have any questions or need assistance with any of the above.

General Rules

You must be 19 to attend any Vortex event

You must sign a waiver of liability and confidentiality before entering Vortex parties.

Dungeon Monitors (DMs) must be obeyed for your safety, and the safety of all members and attendees. Please notify a DM of any safety, rules, harassment or etiquette scene infringement problems that come to your attention.

Prostitution, solicitation, or negotiation of compensation for sexual services are illegal and will not be tolerated at any Vortex events.

Please use common sense and courtesy in conducting yourself in all public areas of the location. Outside of any Vortex private area, street legal attire conforming to state and local laws is required.

Health and Safety

Only safe, sane and consensual play activities will be permitted.

The House Safe Word is RED. A DM will intervene in a scene if s/he hears the word RED and the scene is not interrupted immediately by the participants.

DMs reserve the right to declare any toy, implement, object or practice as unsafe, for any reason.

To insure the safety of all attendees, scenes involving firearms, including toy guns or explosives of any sort will not be allowed.

You are responsible for providing any additional supplies needed for scenes involving insertables including but not limited to: condoms, medical Chux or under pads, sharps containers, as well as the safe disposal of any contaminated items. Pack up and dispose of soiled items properly on your own and not in venues trash cans or dumpsters.

Any corded electrical devices must be plugged into GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) boxes, and not directly into the wall sockets.


If your scene or play involves heavy or rough play, please inform the DM before commencing.

Please do not interrupt a scene. If you have questions for the participants, wait until the scene is finished. Please keep all conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum in the play space.

If you are uncomfortable with a scene, you should simply step away. Please do not infringe on the rights of others. If you feel that a scene is unsafe, inform a DM.

Abnormally loud screaming and talking within a scene is discouraged as a courtesy to others. Tops may be asked by the DMs to quiet or gag loud bottoms if there is a complaint made by others.

Toys and Dungeon Furniture

Cleaning supplies are located throughout the play space. If you do blood or other messy scenes, please use a tarp or drop cloth. Leave all equipment free of sweat, blood, other bodily fluids, toys, etc. Bring any body fluid contamination to the attention of a DM.

Respect other attendees’ property. If it’s not yours, please don’t touch it without asking.

If a piece of Dungeon equipment is damaged or gets damaged, notify a DM on duty immediately.

Neither Vortex, its owners, nor the management, owners or operators of any facility used by Vortex, nor any agent, successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be held liable to any attendee for injury to a person incurred as a result of attendance at an event run by Vortex.