Release of Liability

We require all attendees to sign a waiver once per year in agreement of the rules and privacies that we require you to follow at our events.


The undersigned, as a condition of attending any event presented by Vortex in the States of Nebraska or Iowa during the calendar year         , hereby waives all liability as against Vortex, its officers, sponsors, presenters and agents; and all persons involved in arranging, producing, planning, financing, and otherwise connected to said events.

The undersigned further certifies that s/he meets the following conditions:

  • Is at least nineteen years of age;
  • Is in good mental and physical health;
  • Has no personal or moral objection to frank discussions of alternative sexuality, nudity, bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, or any other lifestyle freely entered into by the participants;
  • Has had an opportunity to discuss with the sponsors of this event any and all concerns, doubts, or reservations s/he may have concerning the event and has had all such resolved to his or her satisfaction;
  • Has had an opportunity to inspect the premises and equipment and is satisfied that the premises and the circumstances of the presentation are safe.

The undersigned further indemnifies and holds harmless all persons connected with this presentation from any and all damages, including but not limited to:

  • Physical injury
  • Psychological, psychiatric, or other mental health damages
  • Damage to social or professional status and standing
  • Damage to personal or professional relationships;
  • Injury to or loss of personal property;
  • Any and all other damages which may arise from this presentation or resulting social or other function, formal or informal.

I certify that I am not an employee of any law enforcement agency, or if I am, I am attending this event solely for my personal enjoyment and not as part of any investigation.

I certify that I am not a member of the media, or if I am, I am attending this event solely for my personal enjoyment and not as part of any investigation or gathering of information.  I will not use or release any such information in any way without the express written permission of Vortex.

I certify that I am not a member or agent of any political or religious organization which has stated aim of opposing this or similar events, or that if I am, I am attending solely for my personal enjoyment and will in no way impede or disturb the activities of this event, it’s attendees or organizers, and will not use or release any information regarding this event or attendees.

I agree that everything that I observe here will be kept in strict confidence.  I recognize this as a contractual obligation and that I will do nothing to jeopardize the privacy and/or identities of any other attendee.

The undersigned certifies that he or she has read this waiver, understands it, and has signed it freely, knowingly, and voluntarily.